Hello! On this page you can view the various spiritual services I offer. Feel free to comment or send me an e-mail at tailmon12[at]yahoo[dot]com for any questions!

I offer the following services: divination and consultations.  
All prices both in USD and EURO for simplicity and convenience*.
All services are offered through e-mail correspondence only with the exception of special consultations.

Note that I am able to offer secular services as well, such as academic research and article writing. If you wish to hire me for such services, send me an e-mail and we can discuss the details.

*The difference between the currencies is not great enough to warrant differentation in my payments. I don't mind a small difference in the actual money received, since these are services offered with a sacred mindset, not as mere "money-makers".

Information on the Services

Divination readings can be performed for any kind of question.

Consultations involve careful explanations, advice, tips and information regarding any spiritual or religious matter within my fields of expertise. All consultations also include divination readings to gain a more spherical understanding of your situation/problem. Consultations are a personal, private service tailored to the individual commissioner. Consultations mainly take the form of well-written PDFs containing all the information and material necessary for the commissioner or they can be done through e-mail correspondence and, in specific cases agreed beforehand, through a medium such as a Skype call conversation.


Card Readings are performed with the WildWood Tarot.

The price for a full reading* is 15 $/€.
One question (i.e. subject to be divined) per reading.

Additional questions related to the primary question, preferences about the complexity of the reading and similar things will incur additional costs. These will be decided and clarified upfront always.

*By "full reading" I am referring to a comprehensive and complete spread of cards and its interpretation, as opposed to one-card or three-card readings.


A full consultation* costs 25 $/€.

A full consultation should not take more than three (3) days of active correspondence and work. Going beyond that limit incurs an added fee of 5 $/€ per additional day.

Delays in communication (e.g. replying to e-mails a day later) do not count towards the limit as long as they don't exceed a full week (meaning 7 days of delay between e-mails, messages or other forms of contact).

*By "full consultation" I am referring to a complete work including conversation/correspondence with the commissioner, a reading to shed further light on the subject at hand as well as any material, information, or references that may be required.

Payment Information

ALL payments will be submitted via Paypal. A Paypal account is not required to send payments.
ALL payments must be sent to tailmon12[at]yahoo[dot]com. Substitute [at] with '@' and [dot] with '.' . The e-mail address is written like that to prevent spambots. You can use this page to send a payment.

The process for booking a service is the following:

1. E-mail me at tailmon12[at]yahoo[dot]com and tell me which service(s) you'd like to purchase.

2. Once the service(s) has been decided, we will discuss the goal of the service(s) and its/their costs and I will begin the appropriate preparations.

3. I will inform you via e-mail once my preparations are complete. When you receive this e-mail, you must send the payment (final cost) for the service(s) to my Paypal account (send a payment at tailmon12[at]yahoo[dot]com). You do NOT need a Paypal account to do this.

4. Once I receive the payment, I will e-mail you everything (e.g. the reading and its interpretation, the full content of the consultation such as answers to spiritual questions etc) or otherwise contact you via a pre-established manner (e.g. via social media or Skype)

It is possible to give me half of the payment upfront and the rest of it once you receive the services. This MUST be discussed and decided beforehand. If you do not explicitly state you wish to do this, the process will be the same as already described (thus the full payment will have to be submitted before I can send you any reading results and information).

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