Monday, September 16, 2013

A Milestone and Important Changes

Hello everyone! I have something important to announce and it amused me a lot that at the same time I chose to write this, the blog also hit 7500 views and 50 (!!!) followers! Wow! 7500 views and FIFTY followers! How did that happen? :D It amazes me that so many people find my writings interesting enough to read them to such an extent. Thank you all so, so much!

I take this as a good sign for my decision. Here's what's going to change:

As I am sure most of you know, the economy of Greece is going downhill fast. Financial issues crop up one after the other and things are pretty tough. I thought long and hard on what assets and skills I have and which ones I can utilise to try and earn some money. Since a significant part of my life is devoted to spiritual matters, I thought I should explore my options there as well. It took me quite a bit (years, in fact) to come to terms with my decision but here it is.

From this point on, I will offer spiritual services for payment. What are those going to be? For starters, divination, spiritual consultations and how-to guides.

What kind of divination?

I am versed in two divinatory methods (cards and pendulum). For cards specifically, I use a Greek-themed deck called Deste and, more recently, the WildWood Tarot deck (which proves to be immensely fitting for my style and has increased the accuracy of my readings). I intend to offer set prices depending on the type of readings (i.e. the spreads and number of cards) I will perform, as opposed to the time the readings might take. Pendulum readings will be featured as optional double-checking for the card readings and their cost will be a small addition to the card readings' price.

What sort of spiritual consultations?

As a theologian-in-training, researcher and practitioner with 8 years of experience in religion, spirituality and magic, I can provide in-depth explanations and help regarding those fields. Specifically, I am capable of informing and advising you on anything pertaining to the Hellenic religion or, at the very least, pointing you towards sources that can cover what I do not know well enough. I can also help you find or narrow down the paths that fit you as well as guide you towards knowledgeable people and sources dealing with a great variety of systems, from Mesopotamian religions to Wicca and from Kabbalah to shamanic spirituality.

Consultations also involve divinatory readings in order to gain a more spherical point of view of your situation and make sure we're working on the path your Gods and spirits point towards. These readings will not be charged extra; their cost will be part of the consultation's final price.

What kind of how-to guides?

I can guide you step-by-step in the following fields: matters of the Hellenic religion, witchcraft and spirit-work (aka communication and interaction with spirits). These how-to guides can also be part of your consultation. In that case, depending on their complexity, there might be a bonus "fee" for them that will be added to your consultation's final price.

How am I offering all these things?

Through the internet! In other words, through extensive e-mail correspondence. And remember: for divinatory readings, I charge by the reading, not the hour! That means you can request as many or detailed explanations as you want (within logical limits) and the cost won't change! For the consultations I will adjust the price depending on the amount of help required and how much work I have to dedicate to answering all your questions.

I guarrantee I will always give it my absolute best, no matter if it's a 10-minute reading or a complex consultation requiring hours upon hours of research and interpretation!

Payments will be submitted via Paypal.

ALL COSTS will be decided between us beforehand. You WILL be informed of any possible bonus costs upfront. There will be NO hidden costs or "sudden" fees.

I also have a Paypal donate button, which you can find on the right side of the blog, underneath the "Followers" section!

ALL payments and donations go towards supporting my family, my studies and daily life. A huge thank you to everyone that supports me in any way whatsoever, even if you "only" spread the word. Even that seemingly small action can benefit me immensely!