Monday, July 2, 2012

The time after the founders

With most Traditions and systems of Witchcraft and Magic well past the 5 decade milestone (or more!), it is only natural that most of the founders, first initiates and teachers would be either really old or dead. This made me think: we are obviously nearing the time when the pioneers of most major Trads and systems will no longer be physically accessible to share their knowledge and wisdom. We will no longer be able to turn to those who were there from the start for advice.

This denotes that the Craft, in its many forms and expressions, is maturing. The question is this: will the Craft mature properly or will it lose its goals and the sight of its path(s) once the older generations who began everything are gone?

Personally, I believe it will grow to become even more than originally conceived and imagined. I know I am kind of lumping all versions together in this but I truly believe the Craft WILL prevail, mature and develop into an even more wonderful thing than what the older generations intended for it to be. The way I see it, we are already experiencing such a thing. For instance, Wicca is already so much more than what Gardner or Sanders made it to be. Same goes for Feri and Reclaiming and Dianics and Tubal Cain and many more.

Sometimes, things seem desperate and disappointing. Gods know how many times I've been close to losing all faith in our community(ies) because of the ugliness people have exhibited. Yes, there are lots of "bad fruits" on our large, community tree. However, there are also many, many good ones too. I have seen some very promising young people, both in Traditions and in eclectic environments; myself included, as bold as that might sound. ;)

All in all, even though a future without the precious people of old might seem scary, uncertain or "cheaper", it doesn't need to be so. We can change it because we are the ones that take on the roles our forefathers held. And we have many among us who are more than fitting for those roles!