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I'm Stefanos or Alorer (my most used screen-name), from Athens, Greece. I'm studying Theology at the University of Athens. I'm practicing a system of my own design, still under development, which I call Path of the Triskelion or simply Triskelion for brevity. It is a tripartite - as the name suggests - system comprised of the following (sub)systems: Hellenic Polytheism, Witchcraft, and Neopagan-style Spirit-work. These are more specifically categorised as NeoHellenic Witchcraft (the former name and incarnation of my practice) and Wildwood Druidry (a name largely in homage to the powerful influence of certain Druids and Druidic organisations).

My interests lie mainly in Witchcraft, ritual, folk magic (especially Greek), ancient (Greek) magic and religion. I am especially intrigued by the deeper, less accessible side of Witchcraft and "shamanistic" practices such as aspecting and possession, iatromancy and necromancy, entheogens and poisons as well as spirit-work related to the genii loci and daemons. I am also continuously reminded of the significance of the "basics" and, generally, foundational practice and study. When in doubt, review.

I value academic excellence in knowledge and study, historical accuracy, and tradition. On the other hand, I am also fond of well-grounded innovation, inspired change and intuition since my life's motto is "meden agan kai metron ariston" - nothing in extremes and moderation is best. Maintaining balance is one of the most important goals in my life.

I am not at all averse to what is commonly called "Unverified Personal Gnosis" (UPG - also called "doxa", meaning "belief" or "opinion") though I always try my best to compare notes, in a sense, with fellow practitioners if possible, or, at the very least, confirm its veracity with divinations and experimentation. 

My goals, somewhat generic though they may be, are to promote the development of polytheistic theology (my primary focus being Hellenic Polytheism), to propagate proper learning and religious education, to help guide others as best as I can and, last but most important, to serve and work with my Gods and spirits in a fulfilling, successful and just manner.

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