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"The Triskelion Path" is the name of my main blog devoted to my overall spirituality, my religious theories, views and beliefs, commentary on the Pagan and occult communities, and independent academic essays on various subjects regarding Pagan theology, Magic, Witchcraft and religion.

Disclaimer: All posts and their content on this blog are written as personal opinions, theories, views and beliefs and NOT as universal, official or widely accepted facts unless specifically stated, cited, referenced or sourced as such.

Categories of posts:

Reflections from the Mirror: posts about my life, personal opinions, rants etc.
Whispers from the Polis: posts about regional and public religion in general as well as my own approach in the Athenian Craft of the Triskelion
Wanderings in the Forest: posts about spirit-work in general as well as the Wildwood Art of the Triskelion
Hekataia: posts about magic in general as well as the Hekatean Craft of the Triskelion.
Hieratika: posts on Triskelion practice and theology as well as general polytheistic theology
Akademaika: posts on relevant academic and scholarly matters, such as history or religious studies, including my own research and articles
Miscellaneous: posts that don't belong in other categories.

Categories may overlap often; a post can belong to multiple categories at the same time.

STANDARD COPYRIGHT NOTICE: © 2010-today, Stefanos "Alorer"; All rights reserved. This material MAY NOT be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed, in whole or in part, without the author's express, written permission. Please have the courtesy and common sense to contact me if you want permission to use my material. To ask for permission, contact me at this email.

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