Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pagan Blog Project: A is for Adiós

I'm changing my second "A" post to reflect a sudden tragedy. A friend, whom I sadly only knew over the Internet, passed away. We weren't very close but I admired his power, his mind, his eloquence, the passion and joy he had in his life and his greatness as a Santero, priest and man of magic and wonder.

His unexpected passing at the extremely early age of 38 years, sparked a lot of thoughts in my mind. Even though this was someone I knew only online, it is the first death of someone I know that I've experienced in years.

I work with Gods of the dead. I am devoted to Hekate, psychopomp Goddess and Lady of the Dead (especially the Restless Ones). I honour many chthonic divinities and, in addition to that, as a Witch I am fairly familiar with the Lower Regions.

It doesn't prepare you from the sudden coming of death. It can prepare you for a lot of things but not the moment, the instance and event of death itself. I guess that's part of the ways things are: perhaps death always ought to shock us for us to truly experience it. I don't know.

All of this is making me think a lot about Ancestors, the Dead and working with them. I'm not going to say much more here, I'm still a bit shocked and not very capable of articulating my thoughts right now. Let's just say that such tragedies have immense impact when they strike someone you know personally; even if over the Internet. So, let us tell our friends, family and beloved that we love them, let us embrace them and let us remember to LIVE because death's finality and unknowable time is ever-looming.

What comforts me and will continue to comfort me throughout all deaths of people I know that I will experience in my life is that, even though we do lose those people, we can still reach out and interact with them in another capacity. I consider myself lucky to practice a religion that values the dead, that contacts and interacts with them in a deeper and more active way than most other systems. It most certainly can never replace the truly living person, but it helps. It helps so that it's not a complete loss.

Adiós, Eddy. I admired your passion, your tenacity, your knowledge, eloquence and strength, your beauty and love for life, your joyous character, always eager to laugh and joke around, your impressive skills as a writer, conjure doctor and priest and your very presence and spirit. For the relatively short time I knew you, I admired and looked up to you as a role-model. You were and are someone I want to be like. May the Gods guide you safely, may they grant you peace, may they bring comfort and solace to your loved ones. I bid farewell to you and honour you as one of the Mighty Dead, one of the blessed Ancestors. You will be missed.

In memory of Eddy Gutiérrez, a fantastic man.

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