Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thoughts on the Hellenic Religion

A few thoughts/theories on the Hellenic religion I wanted to post (my Latin might be a little rusty):

The Hellenic religion is divided into:
  1. Public or common worship/practice (henceforth "latreia")
  2. Household latreia
  3. Mystery cults
  4. Oracles (manteia)
The practice/worship (latreia) is divided into:
  • latreia ex modo
  • latreia ex genere
  • latreia ex subiecto
The notion of latreia ex modo refers to the method, the practical approach in the worship of the given powers-that-be (e.g. of the household, initiatory/mystery practice, public etc).

The notion of latreia ex genere refers to the kind, categorisation or grouping of the worshipped powers-that-be (e.g. celestial/olympian, chthonian, rural, primordial etc).

The notion of latreia ex subiecto refers to the which powers-that-be are addressed and approached through worship (e.g. heroes, ancestors, the dead, the Gods etc).

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