Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Aim For The Greek Pagan Community

Lately, I have been in a constant state of griping about the Greek Pagan Community. It's not that this constant complaining is not justified. It IS, however, a draining and tainting state of being. It's hard to be positive when every so often you come across yet another instance confirming that you're fighting for a cause long lost.

Nevertheless, I have decided to remain steadfast in my aim to provide (better) education for Greek Pagans, new and old alike. Many would ask: "Who do you think you are to teach us? How can a 21-year-old kid teach us anything?" I understand that I am still very young and have so many things I haven't experienced yet, both in my religious, magical and spiritual life and in other fields. Regardless, I am blessed to know exquisite people in the occult and Pagan world, people who are beacons of knowledge and experts in their fields. I am going to use everything I have learnt thanks to them in this mission of mine.

That being said, I'm not going to be the Pagan equivalent of a Mormon. I'm simply going to be there for anyone who wants to learn more. Maybe approach an individual who has been vocal about wanting to learn more. Maybe use a chance during a conversation and provide a little insight on a misunderstood subject. And last but not least, try and make a study/seekers' group.

I really, really want my NeoHellenic Witchcraft system to evolve, grow and become the system used by a future coven. Unfortunately, I have realized that not only I am still too far behind in my development of said system to present it in a group form, but the GPC itself doesn't seem ready for such a thing yet. There is a strong, underlying need for education on Pagan matters. I weep to see the taint of Correllianism and Witchschool, of Conway, McCoy and Ravenwolf in Greece. It saddens me when everyone is too knee-deep in New Age crap to actually explore real possibilities, true potential.

I understand that my way is not the way for everyone. On the other hand though, I know that there has to be someone, perhaps more than a few, who would fit in such a way. I know deep down, instictively, that there are people out there, fellow Greeks who feel or will feel the calling of my Goddess, the calling of Witchcraft, the calling of the New-Old Ways.

I simply need to make it available. I need to cultivate a patch in the farm that is the GPC for those people to find and use to grow roots. I have to create a "place" of correct information, good education, well-grounded mindsets and with a welcoming, refining environment.

It's just... hard to remember all this, to hold onto hope, to keep reminding myself that at some point in the future, if I remain patient and not lose track of my aim, people will come, people will find me. It's hard because there are so many obstacles, in the shape of people, events and inner "demons".

I have to keep going though. And for that I need help and support. May the Gods provide those.


  1. It makes me very happy to read someone posting something like this. The Pagan community (especially those who follow a Greek pantheon for some reason) tend to have no idea what Paganism actually is...or what it was and where it came from. It's insane how many people call themselves Wiccan without having read Gerald Gardner (Or the Farrars, or the Frosts, or any other source on traditional Wicca). I'm ignorant of many things, but at least I know I'm ignorant and am actively seeking remedy for it.

    Anyway, as your NeoHellenic Witchcraft system evolves I'd really, really like to hear about it. Can't help but see that you've dedicated yourself to Hekate...I'd really like to hear more about that as well. :)


    1. Hi Julia! Thanks for the kind words. :) I'm sorry for replying so late, Blogger didn't notify me that I had new comments.

      I will probably indeed blog about the development of NeoHellenic Witchcraft (without too many details though - sorry ;) ) but it's not easy to pin down enough to form coherent blog posts (at least, not always!).

      If you're still interested in my journey with Hekate, you can check my other blog:

      Granted, I have to update both blogs more often. Thanks again for your comment. :)

      Be well!


  2. Hi Alorer
    I'm sure you will find results to your work
    I'm from Syria and I follow the Greek old religion (Hellenic religion)
    People are awakening to the true pagan and natural religions (not new age stuff)
    Your blog is one of the main sources that I use when I want to explore my religion

    I wish you the best