Sunday, April 4, 2010

Welcome or rather Khairete!

Welcome to my totally new blogspot! It will be a place for me to post stuff regarding my practice as well as a method to keep me motivated (since I have the issue of leaving things in the middle, unfinished). Since it's my very first time with a blog, I ask that you bare with me and my... mediocre results!

I intend to include things such as: the deities I work with (info on them, perhaps some of the hymns I made/will make for them - as soon as I translate them that is - etc), sketchy descriptions and sharings of rituals, spells and other formulas I use (I won't be handing out details so don't even ask), my "calendar" (the sacred days) and of course, the aspects and fields my path focuses and touches upon. Additionally, I will include my own conclusions, theories and beliefs, definitions and terminology and many other things.

I'll start with definitions and fundamental beliefs so that you'll know where I come from and what is the base for my practice/actions and things I'll be saying in the future. The first actual post will be a summary of my path (what I believe in, how I call my path and its aspects, what I do etc) and a little about me (although most, if not all of you reading this will know me). Next I'll make a post with definitions (and explanatory notes) and then expand on each of my path's aspects.

Hope you'll find this somewhat interesting!


  1. Hi there, I was just wondering where you found your information on Greek craft? (mostly folk but also ancient) I've been interested in finding out about it for years but have never been able to find anything. any directions you could point me in would be lovely thanks!

  2. Unfortunately, most sources are cultural (i.e. customs, people or books and websites that are strictly Greek). There is no concrete "Greek Craft" I am aware of, so what I put together here comes, in fact, from a huge, disjointed body of cultural lore.