Friday, April 9, 2010

Hellenic Hearthcraft (Part 2)

A little later than I wanted but here it is: the second and final part of Hellenic Hearthcraft. In this post I'll share the methods I use (since I am unaware of what others do), what spirits I work with specifically and how as well as what goals this craft helps to reach.

METHODS: My Hearthcraft is not the average household workings that most Hellenists would delve into. I deeply entangle Witchcraft with it to the point that working Magic with the household Gods is the core of my Hearthcraft. Since this "turn" of my practice is pretty recent I haven't expanded on to it much. Therefore, most of the methods listed here are "to be tested/tried out" and as such I might change them should they not work. I use and/or plan to try out the following methods: spells, working with the household deities and other spirits, putting up what I cannot call by anything else than beacons or transmitters/receivers (I intend to use some sort of item that will draw to itself and pass to the home whatever I design it to draw - like positive energy, protective spirits, prosperity, health or anything else - as well as the opposite - items that will channel/weed out anything negative depending on what I intend them to weed out), blessings of various types, wards, doing chores in a certain mindset and possibly other methods I have not yet thought of.

Spells: I intend using spells for prosperity and familial well being (such as to promote communication, positive feelings etc) to make residing with each other more easy and fruitful. I won't use spells for other reasons since I believe they could hinder and be hindered by the other methods that will have the same goals.

Working with Deities and Other Spirits: I intend working with the household deities and various other spirits to promote the well-being of the household in all fields. I want to work with them both in terms of Magic (aiding me in spells, rituals etc) and in terms of spiritual relationships. I do not wish to make use of theurgy or shrinecraft because I want to try and approach both the Gods and the other spirits in a more friendly manner. I'd much prefer them helping me out willingly (such as warding the house) than being forced into that.

Specifically I will and already work with the household deities: Hestia, Zeus Ktesios and Erkeios, Hekate, Hermes and Apollon Agyieus. I also want to build relationships and work with the following spirits: Agathos Daemon (of our household) and the nymphs Daphne, Platanis and Chloris which are the nymphs of the predominant plants and trees in front and in our house (despite the fact that the names would denote specific mythological figures, I use them as the names of the nymphs of each type of tree/plant - thus, Daphne for laurel, Platanis for plane tree and Chloris for all the small plants and flowers in our balcony and in front of our house).

Beacons, Transmitters/Receivers: This is an idea I had and I am unsure whether it is actually plausible/effective. I plan on trying it out as soon as possible. I want to use a physical representation of what I envision as a transmitter and/or a receiver of sorts that will "filter" the energies that circulate and and out of the house. I want these receivers to draw in and imbue the household with positive energy and attributes that will promote its overall well-being as well as the transmitters to draw out and dispose of negative energies and harmful tendencies (such as anger, frustration, lack of communication and patience) that hinder the household's overall well-being. I'll elaborate more on what I will do once I get down and design something.

Blessings: This encompasses more than "blessing the house". I plan to not only perform a ritual blessing for the house but also to make blessing-offerings: like a small portion of my food in honour of Hestia, libations for the other Gods and spirits etc.

Wards: I want to place wards so as to effectively protect the house from threats and negativity. I plan to "tie" them to Zeus Erkeios, Hekate, Hermes and Apollon Agyieus since they are the protector deities of the household. Additionally, I will use physical representations for the wards (either pebbles or something more 'permanent' like the existing trees). If I do use the three plane trees in the front of the block of flats we live in, I will also employ the help of the Platanides Nymphs of these trees so as to guard and supervise the wards. This also means caring for those trees to ensure the well-being of the Platanides.

Doing Chores with a specific Mindset: This means doing whatever chores are to be done (within but also outside of the house) while being conscious of which deities are honoured by them (Hestia and Zeus Ktesios) and that they actively help the household. That way the energy raised will effectively aid the household as opposed to the grumpy attitude of "why do I have to do THAT?" which in reality is counter-productive.

GOALS: Hearthcraft helps aiding the household in a spiritual/energy manner in addition to physical labour. It promotes things such as health, communication, familial well-being, financial well-being, improved living (the house feels more like a true home than simply a place where you are staying), safety.

This is the end of the Hellenic Hearthcraft posts. The following posts will be on Greek (folk) Magic.

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